Cloud Monitoring

real-time cloud monitoring service to automate monitoring and performance of all your web resources and applications in the cloud.

Cloud monitoring service

Intermediation cloud monitoring is a flexible monitoring service that provides in-depth insights into your cloud deployments. Cloud monitoring provides advanced analytics on critical metrics such as CPU utilization, latency and also lets you customize metrics specific to business requirements.

Intermediation cloud monitoring enables you to protect your deployments from security threats, network issues or system failure by sending alerts through a variety of channels including Social Networking Service, Social Messaging Service, instant messenger and email when a threat is detected.

Cloud Monitoring Benefits

Site Monitoring

  • Provides statistical calculations, monitors the status of your web applications and helps in cloud server monitoring.
  • Notifies you during any security menace or incidents of application failure.

Cloud Monitoring

  • The services including flexible cloud hosting service, cloud database service and Server Load Balancer.
  • Provides preconfigured metrics for each service which helps to monitor each service.

Customized Monitoring

  • Customized monitoring services developed to suit unique business requirements.
  • You can also define metrics such as memory utilization and application connections, which will provide insights to enhance application performance.

Detailed Analytics

Stores unlimited data on the cloud, enabling precise and detailed analysis of trends based on historical data.

Cloud Monitoring Features

Advanced Monitoring

  • Provides insights into CPU utilization and other performance metrics of flexible cloud server instances without additional charges.
  • Monitors other resources when required.
  • Monitors application availability and accessibility from different ports.
  • Monitors site availability and response time.

Alarm and Contact Management

  • Provides uniformed and batch management services for alarm notifications.
  • Supports notifications through SNS, SMS, Ali Trade Manager and email.

Open Source Service

  • Offers distributed architecture that supports access from multiple Internet Data Centers.
  • Provides APIs to flexibly access other cloud products and services.
  • Customize data monitoring rules using open rules and interactive data interfaces.

Network Advantage

  • Seamless data transmission among data centers via Intranet without consuming public bandwidth.
  • Offers multi-line access to backbone networks.
  • Provides reliable and efficient data transmission between multiple nodes.

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