Cloud IT for healthcare

Collaboration and Mobility
Data Management and Automated Monitoring

Make healthcare budgets stretch further

Collaboration, mobility and data management are revolutionising the healthcare sector, helping you to streamline your services, reduce costs and focus on patient care.

With an ageing population, serious skills shortages and a growing community expectation of a higher standard of all round care, it’s no secret that health providers are being squeezed.

But new ways to collaborate, mobility tools that give doctors and patients greater flexibility, and secure, centralised data storage can help you get the most out of diminishing budgets

We are working with healthcare organisations to overcome budget challenges in innovative ways.

Our solutions are founded on a rationalised, connected IT Cloud infrastructure.

We aim to connect clinicians, administrators, patients and healthcare entities to a robust communication and collaboration framework.

So both medical professionals and patients can benefit from secure access to clinical data, applications, telehealth, video and online collaboration tools.

Providing safe, equitable and cost-effective healthcare across your country is one of today’s greatest challenges.

Improved patient comfort

Multipurpose bedside units let patients access movies, internet and email, as well as access relevant health information, settle their accounts and contact nurses.

Home healthcare services

Include a high-definition video conferencing means you can extend increasingly effective care into homes and remote areas.

Automated monitoring

Patient tracking and remote monitoring of vital signs such as heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood glucose, can be automatically aggregated into centralised data systems.

Improved health education

With wider data visibility, you can investigate patterns in diseases, demographics and care results to deliver targeted, informative healthcare and education campaigns.

Streamlined routine checks

Nurses can record vital signs, dispense prescribed pharmaceuticals or update patient notes as they go, providing a single, centralised up-to-date record.

Finding the right clinicians

An enhanced provider index of health professionals, expertise and sub-specialities makes it easier to select the specialist most suited to patients’ needs.

Improved understanding

Doctors can discuss medical imaging and test results with patients by bringing up information and visuals on bedside units to increase understanding and awareness.

Better decision-making

Decision-making is faster and more informed when clinicians can easily check case notes and view test results from a compatible mobile device.

Team collaboration

Help specialists collaborate using HD video conferencing and desktop sharing, making it possible to offer true multidisciplinary care over vast distances.

Intermediation gives you security and privacy controls for protected health information

Email Archiving

Archive and encrypt internal and patient email automatically and securely. Retain tamper-proof records for auditing purposes and document retention to comply with regulations.

Encrypted Email

Automatically encrypt email if it contains PHI. Enforce compliance with pre-defined policies and rules, reducing human error and minimizing security risk.

Hosted Exchange

Get HIPAA compliant, fully mobile email, calendar and contacts for your doctors and staff.

Advanced Email Security

Tools to help you eliminate spam and viruses before they reach your users' inboxes.

Authentication protocol

Enforce and control strong password policies across all your web apps for appointments and patient records. Get single sign-on and identity management capabilities to secure your entire cloud with 2FA, the strongest industry-standard authentication protocol.

Backup and File Sharing

Make sure your doctors and staff can recover quickly from hard drive failures and lost or stolen laptops. Get HIPAA compliant access to patient files from any device, anywhere. Securely share and manage ePHI documents and folders, even in a virtual office environment.

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Cloud Healtcare Package

Essential IT services for Medical Care Start at ¥19890 per user/month.
Prices displayed represent pricing for an annual subscription

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Sharepoint (1GB/account)
  • Desktop, mobile & web access
  • Unlimited mail storage
  • Advanced email security
  • 24/7 Support
  • Active Directory sync
  • Skype for Business (Enterprise)
  • Backup and file sharing (Unlimited GB per user)
  • Hosted PBX, Fax & Conferencing
  • Security ID Access
  • Outlook Backup (10 GB/user)
  • Email Archiving, Email Encryption
  • Microsoft Office 365

Services Included

  • User control panel
  • Control ID (unlimited)
  • 99.999% financially backed Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Email migration performed by our expert team (no extra charge)
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Daily account-level backup

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