Managed Cloud Firewall

Safeguards your cloud infrastructure and servers
Network Security, Advanced Firewall and Secure Mail

Managed Cloud Firewall

Get industry leading protection against attacks on your cloud servers and cloud private network with Intermediation’s Cloud Firewall. Protect your data from outside attacks and secure against malware with a high-availability, virtual appliance firewall.

A Cloud Firewall safeguards your cloud infrastructure and servers by providing:

  • Protection against intrusion from unauthorized and suspicious sources
  • Protection against hackers who get into your computer through open ports
  • Protection against malicious attacks such as DoS, code injection, viruses and other malware
  • Protection against unnoticed installation of root kits
  • Protection against spyware and data leakage to malicious locations

Intermediation’s network experts set up definitions, monitor activity and adjust settings as necessary to keep your defenses high at all times.

The firewall can serve as a hardware VPN server, permitting requests only from authorized sources to reach the servers, eliminating the need for additional VPN services.

Note: If your cloud servers are distributed by geolocation, for the purpose of minimizing latency or making a VPN site-to-site connectivity, you should set up a firewall for each location.

How it works

Cloud Firewall Service

Intermediation’s Cloud Firewall prevents against unauthorized access to your network infrastructure by intercepting and then rerouting or blocking unwanted traffic. The firewall analyses the data packets and filters them based on their source, destination and content, according to the rules you have defined.

In most cases, a single firewall placed at the gateway to your cloud servers should be sufficient to protect your entire cloud infrastructure. If you have a large or complex server setup, you can have multiple firewalls, each protecting different server clusters with their own ruleset.

  • Managed Cloud Firewall
  • ¥12890
    per Month
  • Firewall Setup Fee ¥ 19890
  • Managed Firewall

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