Cloud IT for Media

Tailored Solutions, Reputation for reliability
Secure communications, Boost sales and loyalty with digital media

High performance media solutions

We help you move with the latest trends and cater for new audiences created by increased connectivity and access to communication technology.

We understand the challenges you face in meeting your customers’ expectations and the need for revenue growth, increased productivity, cost containment, risk reduction and better utilisation of assets within your industry.

Our reliable network and state-of-the-art technology has placed our customers at the forefront in delivering superior services and given them a tangible competitive advantage. We also maintain close working partnerships with the biggest names media and entertainment industries, including cinema, TV, radio, advertising, print publishing and gaming.

Adapt and maximise opportunity in this transformed climate

Cost-effective solutions

Our coverage provides significant economies of scale with services available anywhere and at anytime.

Secure communications

You can be confident that your data and communications will be protected by the highest level of security and continually monitored to prevent emerging threats.

Access to industry experts

Our specialists work closely in partnership with the media and entertainment industries, including cinemas, TV, radio, advertising, print publishing and gaming.

Tailored solutions

Our solutions are flexible and tailored to meet the diversity of your market and your specific needs.

Reputation for reliability

We have a reputation for high-quality service, leading-edge world-class solutions, and for delivering on time and on budget.

Acquire, distribute and manage media more efficiently and cost-effectively

The media landscape is undergoing significant upheaval. New models of on-demand consumption and audience fragmentation have made it difficult for companies to realise profits without significant changes to the way they acquire, distribute and manage media.

In this new era, staying profitable requires fresh thinking and adaptive new business models. Networks and the cloud hold the key to capturing new sources of revenue, from advertising through to subscription-based content.

Intermediation is helping deliver these and other opportunities to organisations by introducing ways to acquire, distribute and manage media assets more efficiently and cost-effectively through the our digital media and content services.

Our unique value proposition includes a skilled, experienced workforce, a track record for designing innovative IT solutions such as Intermediation digital media and content services, a cloud-based tool designed specifically for media, and our secure, far-reaching networks capable of delivering media across distance and devices.

To ensure the most value, we have designed a vision for connected media, an IT infrastructure connecting organisations to digital content, media aggregation, management and distribution solutions.

By providing a platform to support the creation of rich audience experiences, it can help maximise monetisation opportunities and provide smart management and reporting tools to help companies quickly identify trends and capitalise on them.

Boost sales and loyalty with digital media

Reach your audience through digital media, create a more compelling online experience. Go digital to delight your guests and boost revenue.

Accelerate your digital media strategy

Digital media presents new opportunities to increase revenue, improve customer and staff engagement, and strengthen your brand. The digital revolution is creating opportunities, but also challenges for business and enterprise. We can help you be at the forefront of this rapidly changing landscape.

Why we should be your partner of choice? We can:

Keep you ahead through technology and innovation
We've made significant investments in the technology, forged alliances with leaders in the digital media field, and continue to innovate to keep ahead of the changing digital landscape.

Set up a strong, integrated and far-reaching solution
Our core strength in cloud and networks can provide unmatched reach, reliability and scalability for your solution.

Support you across the full range of digital media solutions

  • Engage target audiences by delivering interactive and personalised content across the right digital channels.
  • Create revenue by monetising your service through advertising, subscription and pay-per-view. You can also use digital media to drive sales and customer loyalty through online and in-store media.
  • Manage digital assets by storing and coordinating your content to reduce the costs and complexity involved with a growing repository.
  • Streamline processes to make creation and delivery faster and easier, while promoting an uncompromised viewer experience.

Enquire with the sales team at Intermediation using our online form. Our experienced consultants will work with you to make sure you get the best solution for your needs.

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