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SharePoint Platform For Productivity

Come together as a team for productivity, collaboration, communication, engagement, and more. Stay connected with your employees and team members, whether you’re in office or in the cloud.

SharePoint is more than just a product, it’s a platform a platform for productivity, collaboration, conversations, workspaces, workflows, staff engagement, and really anything else you want.

We know that the term “SharePoint” can fill people with dread, loathing, or frustration. Our goal is to make you focus on what your organisation can build on SharePoint not the product itself.

Any good implementation of SharePoint is not measured by the size of the servers or how pretty the page is but by how effectively it is used by the entire organisation.


SharePoint Consulting

Whether in the cloud or on-premises, Intermediation has the knowledge and experience to roll out a successful SharePoint solution for your organisation.

Are you in the planning stage? Do you need to migrate? If you are an existing Microsoft customer with an Enterprise Agreement you may be eligible to utilise Deployment Planning Services to cover the cost. Even if you don’t use the form below to get in contact with us and start your journey.


Instant Intranet

Are you looking at SharePoint as your intranet? Wanting to move off the old way of storing files and use a better way? Our Instant Intranet has been built from years of experience and customer insights as to what a successful and quick intranet solution should look like.

One of the greatest abilities of SharePoint is that it allows you to build a fully-functional Intranet for your organization. Whether you are looking to build department collaboration sites, sites for external sharing, project sites or forms and workflows, SharePoint allows you to do it all under one roof/single platform.

Intranet in SharePoint makes sense, since it allows you to bring all the business functions under one roof and capitalize on your existing SharePoint/Office 365 investment.

For more information on SharePoint and its individual components, we can be your single trusted provider with expertise to help you select and transition to the cloud. please contact your Intermediation Account Executive.

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